The Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) was established as a commitment of Government of Nepal (GoN) to promote scientific study and quality research in health in Nepal. It started as Nepal Health Research Committee under the Ministry of Health, chaired by the Secretary of Health in 1982 AD (2039 BS). On 12 April 1991 (29 Chaitra 2047 BS), the committee was developed into the Nepal Health Research Council, a statutory and autonomous body as promulgated by the Nepal Health Research Council Act No. 129 of the year 1991 of GoN. With the consent of the Council of Ministers pursuant of Article 129 of the constitution of the government of Nepal, 1990 enacted the NHRC. The major three fold purpose of the NHRC as the apex statutory body for health research in Nepal is: regulating health research in the country, generating and/or collating evidences for translation into policies and programs, and promoting the health research culture in the country.

Objectives of the Council

  • To do or cause to do study and research on problems in the field of health being encountered or likely to be encountered in future.
  • To conduct programs relating to consultancy service and information in order to make the study and activities relating to health more useful.
  • To acquire information about studies, researchers and works on various problems relating to health in the world and inform it to the GoN from time to time.
  • To discourse upon evidences to develop insight and find out the way forward for initiating the efforts to meet the aspiration of the SDGs.

Functions, Duties and Rights of the Council

  • To do or cause to do study and research in the various fields relating to health within the republic of Nepal subject to the health policy of Nepal government.
  • To formulate National health research policy and give a definite direction for the promotion, aspects of health in Nepal.
  • To undertake research on health system, including, biomedical, behavioral and other related health sciences.
  • To undertake studies on prevention, diagnosis, treatment of disease and ailments.
  • To specify the priority sectors of study and research relating to health.
  • To give consent for study and research in subjects related to health, to determinTo co-ordinate, guide and evaluate research works related to health and make appropriate recommendation.
  • To publish and publicize the know how experiences and the results of research relating national and international levels.
  • To give consent to carry out some part of the research in a foreign country if there is no facility to carry out such research within the kingdom of Nepal.
  • To provide outstanding as well as young research award to the most deserving researchers of the country.
  • To provide travel grant to those researchers who is going to present a paper in international conference/ congress/seminar.
  • To keep records of research relating to health.
  • To strength the research capability through training.