Abstract submission

Q: Can I submit already published works or works under publication for the Summit?
A: Yes. However, the evaluation and ultimate selection of these kinds of abstracts will largely be based on sound research methodology and with policy implications or contributes significantly to expansion of existing knowledge.

Q: Can I submit the abstract in format other than that mentioned in the abstract submission guidelines?
A: No. The abstracts have to be submitted strictly abiding by the abstract submission guidelines as mentioned in our official website so as to avoid rejection in the preliminary screening.

Q: Can I submit the abstract by sending it directly to the NHRC email?
A: No. The abstracts should be submitted through the online submission only and the abstracts sent by process other than that will not be entertained and will subject to rejection.

Travel and registration

Q: Will I get any travel bursaries or accommodation to attend the Summit?
A: No. The Summit does not have any provision to grant travel bursaries or accommodation costs for the Summit. The attendees will have to arrange these costs on their own.

Q: If my paper gets selected for the Summit, do I still have to pay for the registration?
A: No. The registration fee of the participants whose abstract has been selected for the presentation will be waived.

Q: If my abstract gets selected, do all the coauthors of the paper get to attend the Summit without paying for registration?
A: No. The registration fee will be waived only for the presenter of the paper and not for the coauthors.

Q: Can I pay the registration fee at the Summit itself?
A: No. The registration fee has to be paid prior to the Summit through our online registration in our website.

Q: What if my paper gets rejected but I still want to attend the Summit as a participant?
A: You can attend the Summit by making online registration through the register page of our website.


Q: Will my paper be published in the Journal of Nepal Health Research Council (JNHRC) if selected for presentation in the Summit?
A: Yes, JNHRC will publish a supplementary issue to publish only the abstracts of the papers of those authors who have not published or do not have plans to publish the work elsewhere. However, only the abstracts but not the full texts will be published in the supplementary issue of the JNHRC.

Q: What if I wish to publish my paper in full text in some other journals and not just the abstract?
A:If the authors wish to submit their paper in some other journals in full text, they should make a prior notice to the NHRC in order to exclude it from publication in the supplementary issue of JNHRC and proceed as needful with their submission in other journals. However, the paper will still be published in the Summit abstract book.